We translate all types of documents, with or without certification by a court translator, depending on the document's purpose. Before commissioning a translation, it is necessary to determine the amount and type of text to be translated. The amount of text is determined by the number of characters in a document. We use one standard page consisting of 1500 characters (including spaces) to calculate the amount of text. The deadline is set by the client or, if the conditions allow some flexibility, the client and translator agree on an acceptable deadline.

Feel free to include your texts in your inquiry and we'll get back to you with a suitable quote. We guarantee confidentiality and data protection to all our potential and future clients and business partners.

  • translation
  • certified translation


You might need an interpreter to communicate with foreign business partners, at conventions, meetings, fairs, and in other situations when you want to leave communication in a foreign language to the professionals. In some situations, the presence of a court interpreter is obligatory—for example, at the registry or notary office, court hearings, and similar. Quality interpreting requires enough time for the interpreter to prepare as well as materials for the interpreter to get acquainted with the subject matter.

Feel free to contact us in any situation you might want or need to hire an interpreter for Croatian, English or Russian .

  • consecutive interpreting
  • interpreting at meetings
  • interpreting at a notary public's office, registry office, etc.


Proofreading includes reviewing the text in English or Russian and correcting spelling and grammatical errors. Proofreading also includes additional editing to improve the text's readability and idiomaticity. During proofreading, we read the text several times to spot and eliminate any errors and obscurity.

Feel free to send us your text for price estimation. Only by examining the text can we accurately define the price and time necessary for proofreading.

  • detailed review
  • eliminating errors
  • language counseling