Here you'll find answers to some of the most common questions

1. How can I deliver the text that needs to be translated to you?

You can send the text via the contact form, by email, mail or deliver it personally. If you want to deliver the document personally, please call us beforehand to arrange the delivery.

2. When will the translation be ready

We try to have all translations ready as soon as possible. The deadline depends on the amount and complexity of the source text as well as available working time. The deadline is always agreed in advance with the client. We inform our clients immediately of any unforeseen circumstances that may cause delay, that could not have been foreseen by the translator and that the translator cannot control.

3. How much will it cost?

The amount of text that fits on a page depends on the font size, line spacing, margins, etc. That's why we use a standard page of 1500 characters with spaces to calculate the volume of work. The price also depends on the complexity of the subject matter and style. For that reason, we always recommend our clients to send us their texts when requesting a quote. Only by examining the text can we provide an accurate quote that will reflect the actual amount of work.

4. Can I send you the text I've translated for you to correct any possible mistakes?

Yes, you can. For this purpose, you can request our proofreading services. Proofreading includes correcting grammatical and spelling errors and stylistic editing. Proofreading can be done only if the translation is of good quality. If the text requires a more complex intervention, proofreading is not enough and the text has to be translated from scratch. In any case, we will assess your translation before accepting a proofreading assignment and provide our recommendation on further steps that have to be taken for you to get the best end result.

5. How do I pay? 

We accept only cashless payments directly to our bank account. Unless agreed otherwise, the service is paid partially or completely in advance, upon accepting the quote. In case of partial advance payment, the remaining sum is paid on the basis of the receipt delivered together with the service.